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In the course of a few decades, I became separated from my copy of “Up the Down Staircase,” Bel Kaufman’s classic novel about a New York. Unit 5 Up The Down Staircase Солодокова Анастасия ИЯ АМБ The text under analysis is called “Up The Down Staircase” and written by an American. Bel Kaufman, a former New York City schoolteacher whose classic first novel, “ Up the Down Staircase” — shot through with despair and.

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Log In Sign Up. Jul 31, Sterlingcindysu added it. This article needs additional citations for verification. I am admittedly biased. That’s not an education. I laughed and cried. I just prayed that I wouldn’t waste another week or two of summer courses for my Master’s Degree with another doozy of a book like “Oh the Glory of It All.

I have the feeling I’ll be reading this teaching classic often. Thank God this book was required for class. The conflict is within the main character and the society.

Also, the problem is the incompetence of teaching. Stakrcase 29, rivka rated it really liked it Recommends it for: I have found a book to add to my collection of inspiration-to-stay-a-teacher-media; I found it just in time.

I loved the way her students interpreted the classics!

Publication of Bel Kaufman’s “Up the Down Staircase”

I’m sure this book speaks to anyone who has taught high school with its problem kids, little Bel Kaufman, the author of this book will turn this week. The composition of the text is direct as it is the letter form, so the main characters at first answers the questions from the addresser of the letter and only then tells kzufman story of her own.


The novel is an epistolary tale of the struggle a dedicated young teacher has not only with her students but also with the petty political obstacles thrown in her path by the system she’s supposed to be working for.

Retrieved 16 September The book uses drawings here and there, usually presented as student doodles, to add to the humor. This is not an elite school, and these are not high achievers: Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. All she wants to do is make brl difference in Room Some of these students have heartbreaking back stories. I can see why it has attained classic status.

An awesome account of a first-year high school English teacher, this book is one that will make any day better by taking you through the daily struggles and triumphs of the daily “educational” grind for this new teacher.

Started re-reading this classic masterpiece — which somehow never made it on my GR bookshelves before!

Up the Down Staircase

In another – a hum of voices and toned French conjugations. Told through letters, memos, circulars, and, in one u; painful moment, the notebook of one of the students, it describes the life of one new teacher through the course of a single semester in a New York high school. However, there is a narrative arc that revolves around the question of whether Barrett will stay on at the public high school or move on to teach at a liberal arts college.

This Week in History. I also asked if everyone spoke like Julie Andrews. Skip to main content. I had to force myself to keep reading at the end of each chapter. Children having to take on responsibility for ailing parents and younger siblings, or fearing for their own safety.


Skip to main content. Bel Kaufman was a public school teacher who revealed what the New York public schools were really like. I appreciated Sylvia’s efforts to reach to the kids. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Many of her inner city students are at risk of dropping out, have haphazard home lives, and little parental support, yet she soon learns that most are just crying out for someone to notice them, to care about them.

There is only one main character in the fragment of the story — Sylvia Barrett. I come back to it occasionally because it’s easy to read and dtaircase quite powerful in what it has to say about teens, teachers, and education in general.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Kaufman already had 20 years teaching in NYC schools when she saw this first novel published. Bel Kaufman will receive a lifetime achievement award uo the Jewish Women’s Archive at its annual luncheon on March 10, Up the Down Staircase.

Publication of Bel Kaufman’s “Up the Down Staircase” | Jewish Women’s Archive

I loved this book when I first read it at age kautman, and I love it still. I’ve edited it since. I had seen the movie by the same title starring Sandy Dennis, so I jumped at the chance to read the fictional book on which the movie was based.