February 22, 2019


The National Book Award finalists were just announced by Scott Turow via live web video (watch), and Harriet emeritus Patricia Smith. Blood Dazzler By Patricia Smith Hardcover, 90 pages. Coffee House Press List price: $ SIBLINGS Hurricanes, Arlene learned to. BLOOD DAZZLER is a tale of the storm we should have seen coming and the sociopolitical firestorm left in its wake. Based on Patricia Smith’s award-winning.

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McFaul rated it it was amazing Shelves: Lawd have mercy, son. When it come, it smashes living flat, wakes you from sleep, eats streets, washes you clean out of the chair you be sittin’ in. As it should have.

Throughout the book she puts on a persona of Hurricane Katrina herself, and the effect is astonishing. It’s cruel and I hate it which means I love it bloodd, and I hope and hope that in the end his survival is the one touch of God’s grace in this flood of suffering.

Rita was a vicious flirt. Retrieved July 20, With the deaths of those thirty-four people, an insistent tribute took shape, trying to push silenced voices to the surface. Deals with gender roles and racial tensions.

We watch with smirh trepidation the dog, Luther B, tied to a tree left behind; he returns through his owner considering him, “Bet he done broke lose.

I don’t remember much about Katrina, since I was young when it happened and far north of the disaster, but this book of poems made me realize how real and terrible the storm was. The rain falls and the people of this world continue to spin their memories and sing from their rooftops while they wait for help that may never come. In addition to her poetry and journalism, Patricia Smith is also a performer in two one-woman plays and in a one-woman show called Professional Suicide.


Can’t help but believe when he tells us, Wait. Lists with This Book. Open Preview See a Problem? Is this the best way to tell me a story?

Blood Dazzler – Angela’s Pulse

I can’t believe I didn’t review this bonechillingly beautiful volume of poetry. Could there be other rain, laced with the slick flick of electric and my own pissed boom? Lee just craved the whip. For other people named Patricia Smith, see Patricia Smith disambiguation.

Poems Excerpted From ‘Blood Dazzler’

Dec 29, Tristan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Retrieved 5 March It moves from rant to celebration, from satire to tragedy. Maria’s thunder skirts flew high when she danced.

After a few pages of more abstract poetry, I have now met a dog dogs are profoundly empathetic protagonists who has been set to an enormous challenge. Perhaps it’s the intractability of the water, or the demotic voices in some of Smith’s poems. May 21, Willj rated it really liked it. As an editorial assistant at the Chicago Sun-Times in the late s, she wrote a review of a concert that she had not attended. Without pausing the strum strum of milk in the bucket, Wayne simply reached over and grabbed the rat through the pant leg, gave it a quick bone-crushing squeeze, then shook the whiskered corpse out onto the floor.

Wilma opened her maw wide, flashing rot. November 12, 3: Jul 13, Natalie rated it really liked it. You can only submit one rating per item, and your rating will be factored in to the item’s popularity on our listings. Patricia Smith, a persona poet, focuses on detail and individual stories from differing perspectives.


Smith allows everyone the chance to speak past the images that still haunt us. Our elderly are often thought of as disposable. She woke Philippe with rumors. Patricia Smith was born in in Chicago, Illinois. Such a strong man, my son.

Patricia Smith (poet)

Don’t cry, boy, I ain’t in that chair no more. The collection sings of the pain and glory of Katrina, the way that majesty can be more destruction than invention and more about what doesn’t live through it than what survives untouched. Return to Book Page. It’s a single frame of a movie—perhaps beautiful and suggestive, but without the inertia of the frames before and after, the whole of which overwhelms the sum of its parts. May 16, plzdntdie rated it it was amazing. Franklin, farsighted and anxious, bumbled villages.

Smith’s words are beautiful, evocative, and heart breaking. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Patricia Smith (poet) – Wikipedia

Some poems are told from the perspective of the storm, some from the perspective of people in the city, etc. Each poem moves seamlessly into the next, creating a work much more effective than it’s component parts. Aug 17, Patrlcia rated it really liked it. Lawd knows I can’t wait.