March 22, 2019


1: I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks. Is this during the initial mesh. Hello, I’m here to ask for help. I have program for terrain editing, but I went into one problem I can’t solve. Between each chunk is crack, how to. Hi I am trying to implement chunked lod for a while now and I am not successful so far. I read the paper about chunked lod and understood the.

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Getting Started Advanced Search. The technique is relatively fast and minimizes vertex buffer manipulations, most of the hard work is done on the GPU and during texture preparation. Sign up using Facebook.

Particularly that a lot of the implementation is down to considering the engine’s capabilities. I can add some video or source code?

Here is the page for it and here is the paper T. It really depends on your application. The devices I experimented with are the Nexus 5 phone and Nexus 7 Gen tablet. Tags for this Thread chunkscrackslod. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Thanks again for the reply, I didn’t see that slides page so I’ll look it now if it has any different information than the paper. That way it is possible to reduce to a single draw call and a single texture which would also reduce texture switches and glTexSubImage2D calls.

All times are GMT As the grid needs to be centered around the camera’s position all I needed to do is to create a look at matrix to keep the orientation correctly below the camera. I assume you’re talking about Geomipmapping It’s a direct consequence of doubling the sampling frequency.


Also I looked geomipmapping but as you said it can still be used but a little outdated.

The Industry’s Foundation for High Performance Graphics

Yes I have no final control about mentioned vertices produced on GPU. Posted July 24, Last edited by glararan; at The results were pretty good, except for the triangular shape which can be identified with the rotation of the camera. An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host – UDP Issue. In this post I will briefly go over some of the techniques and explain how they may be adapted for the special case of a spherical terrain.

chunked lod – Graphics and GPU Programming –

DLL in my path [Tcl8. I render one by one chunk. I’m going to be generating four mesh planes, each with a height map but I guess that isn’t too important at the moment.

Do the chunks calculate the camera distance themselves? For retrieving the height data I create a texture and use texture fetch in the vertex shader to displace the height.

Graphics and GPU Programming. And as far as I know chunked lod allows you to create bigger terrains than geomipmapping What I don’t understand about his error metric is he says every successive lod level lov half of its parent error. And there is my bug result: Conclusions Level of detail for terrain is not easy. Home Questions Tags Chunied Unanswered. I would recommend chunkedd the leaves relatively light-weight though.

More details are required in order to make some better proposal, but adding an outer ring to stitch chunks sounds ok.

GPU moves the other vertices produced by it, and you have no fine control over that. These 4 grids are structured as children of the lower detailed parent grid. It’s very friendly to texture LOD and paging data chuked disk. Create an account for your GameDev Portfolio and participate in the largest developer community in cjunked games industry. Nothing prevents geomipmapping from being paged to disk. I can’t understand at which point down the Chunked LOD pipeline that the mesh gets split into chunks.


Share your GameDev Story with us. In practice, this means doing a point-square distance test. To solve these problems and prepare the next part of my planet generation series ; I decided to take another look at how to implement level of detail.

OpenGL I write game Snake. And for 3th question I was talking about chunked lod. Posted July 19, Currently I don’t have any purpose I am just trying to learn some populer techniques about game programming and I have never worked on terrains before thats why I started to learn chunked lod. Yes I divided map into tiles and then to chunks. I have 4×4 field with class MapChunk.

See link to slides in the docs section. They do not have to, but it’s convenient if all chunks take up the same amount of space. You can even do this dynamically, so that lower levels are added dynamically e. The draft of a paper explaining everything Results section conspicuously absent — I’m still working on some things pdf format, latest from SVN pdf format, local copy Slides from the presentation.

Then you can do your GPU memory management in units of “chunks”. Chunked LOD is traditionally implemented for a flat grid. The disadvantages of the technique shows when the camera is above the terrain.