April 24, 2019


Executing CLISTs. To execute a CLIST, use the EXEC command. From an ISPF command line, type TSO in front of the command. In TSO/E EDIT or TEST mode. This tutorial describes methods by which you can executed CLIST on your mainframe installations. The CLIST language enables you to work more efficiently with TSO/E. You can write programs, called CLISTs, that perform given tasks or.

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It can read parameters from the caller and also features a function to hold global variables and pass them between CLISTs.

GOTO This, too, is just what it looks like. You can also still specify optional parameters following after the required parameters if you wish. These are pretty much what they look like. There is a link to the IBM manual at the end of the article, if you need more. Get it, C List, where C stands for Command. This programming-language -related article is a stub. It is left as an exercise for the reader to locate the other vowels in the alphabet; or just pretend you did, and keep reading.

Wed Nov 03, 1: If you get any other response, then it probably found something called XYZ and tried to execute it, and you should pick a different name. The JCL is more or less correct. As you may know, TSO adds the three-asterisk line at the end when it finishes writing to the screen in line mode rather than full screen mode.

This, too, is just what it looks like. Without parentheses to change the order, exponentiation is done first, then multiplication and division, then addition and subtraction again, like real math. Again you enclose the name within apostrophes because it includes your userid at the first part of the name.

Go ahead and try it for yourself. It has two cousins.


As usual you do not need to take my word for this. The following lines would find the positions of the first three vowels in the alphabet:.

Sorry, but I didn’t get it after search, that’s why I posted here. How to set your Cut-and-paste keys Find the emulator-specific choice bar that should be at the very top of your TSO emulation window. Amend the DSN so the clish name is in parentheses: Do the following instead: Hence you can devise elaborate systems, but do yourself a favor and keep it simple: Before we go any further into the syntax and structure of your CLIST itself, you probably want to know where to house your CLIST so that the system will be able to find it when you want to run it.

You also have the TO and BY construction, but you can look ln up yourself if you want to use it. Tue Nov 02, 4: The same attribute display screen should be mainframf, this time pairing your new DSN with the attributes from the other dataset.

Mainframe CLIST pdf and examples

This mainframe computer -related article is a stub. Views Read Edit View history.

Capture that new DSN in your cut-and-paste clipboard, for later use. Brody Kenneth Chenault Michael L. You can write in full screen mode rather than line mode by mainfrqme ISPF Dialog Serviceswhich we do not cover in this introductory article.

You use these to read input from the user and write lines to the screen, as already shown.

CLIST – Wikipedia

Caveat — right, always with the caveats — and this one is pretty unlikely, so feel free to skip this paragraph — there are some special command tables that are probably not being mainfeame at your location, but possibly might be — there’s a slight chance — and in such command tables the person responsible for their setup can set it up such that command XYZ is only valid if it comes from some particular source or is invoked in some particular way.


You just press enter whenever TSO displays the three-asterisk line. Cary — John R. A label ends with a colon: REUSE is also an extension to the original syntax. Majnframe example, the following lines could be used as an awkward method for writing the word South: You can also make up your own symbolic variables, assign them default values, reassign the values during execution, and insist that the user specify values on the command line at execution time when they run your CLIST.

Retrieved cliet ” https: Lose the member name in the JCL. Error when compiling a REXX exec with The difference is that using the plus sign causes the removal of any leading blanks on the second line, whereas using the traditionally English-like hyphen leaves the blanks intact when the lines are stitched together.

It is basically a list of other TSO commands. The following lines would find the positions of the first three vowels in the alphabet: The standard prompt tells the user the name of the parameter that is missing, whatever name you have chosen.

Comparisons are done clis the math has been evaluated. On the next few lines put something super simple like — well, like the lines shown below.

simple CLIST example

There are lcist, probably thousands, of names already in use, so here is a quick test: Get to a dropdown menu from that bar by clicking the sequence. Academy of Technology Centers for Advanced Studies: Updated slightly May 3rdand again May 10th. Sorry againThe return code is 0 now A statement label is an alphanumeric string up to 31 characters long starting with a letterwith a colon: