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Published in English. Pages, ISBN · · OCLC · Compendium Maleficarum is a witch-hunter’s manual written in Latin by Francesco Maria. The Malleus Maleficarum, usually translated as the Hammer of Witches, is the best known and Behringer, Werner Tschacher. , English, Malleus Maleficarum – The Witch Hammer, J. Sprenger, H. Kramer, trans. by Montague Summers. Compendium Maleficarum: The Montague Summers Edition. Front Cover . Materializing Gender in Early Modern English Literature and Culture · Will Fisher.

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Nevertheless, many historians have argued that it is well established by sources outside the Malleus that the university’s theology faculty condemned the book for unethical procedures and for contradicting Catholic theology on a number of important points: The book became the handbook for secular courts throughout Renaissance Europe, but was not used by the Inquisition, which “denied any authority to the Malleus ” in the words of historian Wolfgang Behringer.

According to the date on a document, the papal maleficqrum had compebdium issued intwo years before the Malleus Maleficarum was finished. Martha Brossier Labourd witch-hunt of Aix-en-Provence possessions Loudun possessions Louviers possessions Affair of the Poisons Each positive principle in a pair is delineated by its negative pole. They argue that the evil of women stems from their physical and mental imperfections, a notion derived from Aristotle’s theory that matter, perfection, and spirituality are purely expressed in the male body alone, and that women are misbegotten males produced by defective sperm.

Previously, those convicted of witchcraft typically suffered penalties no more harsh than public penances such as a day in the stocks[31] but their persecution became more brutal following the publication of the Malleus Maleficarumas witchcraft became widely accepted as a real and dangerous phenomenon.

The section offers a step-by-step guide to the conduct of a witch trial, from the maleeficarum of initiating the process and assembling compenndium, to the interrogation including torture of witnesses, and the formal charging of the accused.

It mixes elements borrowed from FormicariusPreceptorium divinae legis and Lectiones super ecclesiastes The invention of printing some thirty years before the first publication of the Malleus Maleficarum instigated vompendium fervor of witch hunting, and, in the words of Russell, “the swift propagation of the witch hysteria by the press was the first evidence that Compenfium had not liberated man from original sin.


In Heinrich Kramer had made one of the first attempts at prosecuting alleged witches in the Tyrol region.

The book is rather unclear, but the impetus behind male maleficcarum seems to come more from desire for power than from disbelief or lust, as it claims is the case for female witches. In the Malleusthe field of masculine magic is dramatically limited and male magicians are pointedly marginalized; magic is no longer seen as a range of practices, some of which might be more characteristic of men, some of women, and some equally prevalent among both sexes.

Witchcraft in Europe and the New World. Scholars have debated the reasons for Kramer’s misogyny; he may have had a fear of the power of women mystics of his day, such as Catherine of Siena, who enjoyed malefiarum attentions of royalty as well compemdium the church.

Mackay, 2 vols Cambridge: Actually the Inquisition immediately rejected the legal procedures Kramer recommended and censured the inquisitor himself just a few years after the Malleus was published. Retrieved from ” https: In the first part, the opinion of a “temporary Dean of the Englush of Holy Theology at Cologne” namely Lambertus de Monte of ‘s-Heerenberg [g] is expressed and then professors Jacobus Straelen of Noetlinck, Andreas Schermer of Ochsenfurt and Thomas Compenndium of Scotland testify that they agree with his opinion.

Perfection is defined not as the engllsh or preservation of opposites, but rather as the extermination of the negative element in a polar pair. If this assertion was granted, then the presence of maleficium indicated decisively the presence of a female witch. The Malleus ckmpendium not only torture but also deception in order to obtain confessions: Montague Summers was responsible for the first English translation in The arguments are clearly laid for the lay magistrates prosecuting witches.

The word used, malefica, carries an explicit condemnation absent in other words referring to women with supernatural powers. For the film, see Witchhammer. The Montague Summers Edition. Hence, he has also caused a certain unusual heretical perversity to grow up in the land of the Lord — a Heresy, I say, of Sorceresses, since it is to be designated by the particular gender over which he is known to have power.

Malleus Maleficarum – Wikipedia

But in other regions, for example French-speaking western Switzerland, Protestant rulers were more severe than Catholic overlords in prosecuting witches Monter By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It is consonant with reason that those things that are done on behalf of the common good should also be confirmed through the common approval of the Doctors, and therefore, lest the aforementioned poorly educated compendiuj and preachers think, in their ignorance of Holy Scripturethat the aforesaid treatise, which was malecicarum in the manner mentioned above, is poorly supported by the determinations and pronouncements of the Doctors, they offered it for examination and comparison against Scripture to the illustrious University of Cologne or rather to certain Professors of Holy Theology, in order that if any things were found to be worthy of censure or incompatible with the Catholic Truth, they should be refuted by the judgment of those Professors, and that those things found to be compatible with the Catholic Truth should be approved.


This is the point in history where “witchcraft constituted an independent antireligion”. Ankarloo, Bengt; Clark, Stuart, eds.

Witches Use something of Religion in Healing Sickness. Kramer received a papal bull Summis desiderantes affectibus in Kramer and Sprenger were the first to raise harmful sorcery to the criminal status of heresy.

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Authors warn of imminent arrival of the apocalypse foretold in the Bible and that men risk bewitchment that leads to impotence and sensation of castration.

The Encyclopedia of Witchcraft and Demonology. Witch Hunts in Europe and America: Witchcraft and Magic in Europe, Volume 3: And they shall also have full and entire liberty to propound and preach to the faithful Word of God, as often as it shall seem to them fitting and proper, in each and all of the parosh churches in the said provinces, and to do all things necessary and suitable under the aforesaid circumstances, and likewise freely and fully to carry them out.

The Malleus Maleficarum and the Construction of Witchcraft: A similar criticism by Gianfrancesco Ponzinibio of Florence in was countered by the support of the Malleus position by the Dominican Bartolommeo de Spina in Caro Boja In the words of Wolfgang Behringer: Tertiary sources Hayes, Stephen