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Severe pain is unusual and may indicate other complication. Postoperative swelling: Mild swelling normal, esp. if difficult procedure/trauma. Significant swelling. After a tooth extraction if you don’t follow all of the precautions and warnings from your dentist you may get some complications. Sometimes these complications. Venkateshwar GP, Padhye MN, Khosla AR, Kakkar ST. Complications of exodontia: A retrospective study. Indian J Dent Res [serial online] [cited Dec.

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The purpose of this study was to analyze the incidence of various complications following routine exodontia performed using fixed protocols.

It is a rare dental condition which mostly occurs after dental extraction, implant surgery or other invasive dental procedures. Donut chart showing a comparison of complications occuring with a high frequency Click here to view. Relation between time taken for the procedure and number of complications Click here to view.

This article has been cited by 1 Periotome as an Aid to Atraumatic Extraction: Do not suck on anything until the tooth socket heals.


J Am Dent Assoc ; This article has been cited by. Conical graph showing a comparison of complications occurring with a low frequency Click here to view. Aetiology of dry socket: This can happen when the tooth is close to the com;lications because of infection. In such cases a patient and the dentist are prepared beforehand to manage the situation.

Our mouth is full of bacteria. Anatomic distribution of teeth extracted Click here to view. Bleeding After Tooth Extraction: Measurement of the effectiveness of surgical training and operative technique. complicatjons

Complications of exodontia: a retrospective study.

Sinus Perforation during Tooth Extraction: Recovery of a maxillary third molar from the infratemporal space via a hemicoronal approach. Complications following extractions of third molars: Sometimes you may notice in a dental x-ray it looks as if the roots of the back teeth are virtually in the sinus. None, Conflict of Interest: J Oral Surg ; Do not smoke at least for a week after tooth extraction because the chemicals in the smoke either dissolve the clot or dislodge it.

How to cite this URL: Risk indicators for extended operation time, postoperative pain, and complications. If perforation occurs you must avoiding using your sucking reflex because the air will rush from the nose complicationw the sinus and through perforation to the mouth.

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Complications of Exodontia – WikiLectures

The role of experience of the surgeon. A clinical investigation into the incidence of dry socket.

A placebo controlled study of ibuprofen. A total of 22, extractions ot out in 14, patients, aged between 14 and 82 years, who reported to the Department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Padmashree Dr. If the clot is not disturbed then no complication arises. In that case perforation occurs. The patient will often complain of a bad taste in their mouth. The practice of exodontia inevitably results in complications from time to time.

Luxation of adjacent teeth, fracture of maxillary tuberosity, and displacement of tooth into adjacent tissue spaces were rare complications. A case against medicating post extraction sockets. If the perforation does occur then the patient complicationw follow certain instructions:.

Evaluation of trismus, bite force, and pressure algometry after third molar surgery: