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Abstract. QUEVEDO O, Catalina; MORALES V, Sonia P and ACOSTA C, Alejandro. Scenedesmus sp GROWTH IN DIFFERENT CULTURE mediums FOR . EVALUACIÓN DEL CRECIMIENTO DE LA MICROALGA Scenedesmus sp. E. No description. by. on 25 October Tweet. Crecimiento de Scenedesmus quadricauda en efluentes cloacales de la ciudad de Trelew, Chubut, Argentina.

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Results in the present study suggest that cellular activity of immobilized cells decreases as stocking density increases, as noted by the lower photosynthetic rate P and Ej obtained in cultures with high cell density beads Table 1. This suggests that the light intensity within the limitation area described in the waves P-I did not affect the growth and content of protein when low cells stocking density beads are used.

Therefore, it is important to determine and use optimized culture conditions for the correct interpretation of the experimental results.

Each reactor was operated with a beads concentration of approximately 2. Se destaca el estudio de Twist et al.

Nitrite uptake by Chlamydomonas reinhardtii cells immobilized in calcium alginate. Materials and Methods Routine of culture Stock suspension of S. Other factors such as CO 2 and temperature should be scenexesmus into consideration. The same procedure was used to measure the protein content of the algal biomass Lowry et al. En el caso scenedesmis C. Cambridge University Press; Analysis of effective light in different photobioreactors: Wastewater inorganic N and P removal by immobilized Chlorella vulgaris.


Prior to immobilization, the stock suspension of microalgae was centrifuged at rpm for 15 min and the cell pellets were washed twice with distilled water to remove the residual nutrients that might adhere to the cell surface. Growth The growth of immobilized S.

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Ultrastructure of interaction in alginate beads between the microalga Chlorella vulgaris with its natural associative bacterium Phyllobacterium myrsinacearum and with the plant growth- promoting bacterium Azospirillum brasilense. Por otra parte, el hecho de que S.

Factors affecting the growth characteristics of alginate-entrapped Chlorella. Jeanfils and Collar reported for S. Scenedesmus ovalternus and Chlorella vulgaris species were used. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

These results are useful for subsequent applications of the encapsulated algae, such as biomonitoring and bioremediation.

The relationship between photosynthesis and light for natural assemblages of coastal marine phytoplankton. The high activity associated to the high content of chlorophyll is related to the limitation of the light in the beads. Use of immobilized algae for estimating bioavailable phosphorus released by zooplankton. Every 6 h the numbers of cells scenedesmks the beads were counted with a particle analyzer model Beckman Coulter Multisizer 3, after dissolving one bead in 5 mL of 0.

The calcium alginate beads were prepared with the method described by Tam and Wong Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano; Scenedesmus obliquus, photosynthesis, immobilized cells protein content. This cellular concentration was higher than that obtained at UE m -2 s -1 from 3. Therefore, it was concluded that the light intensities selected in scenesesmus present study not had significant effects in the growth and protein content in beads with low cells stocking.



Under the light intensities selected in the present study there were no significant effects of light intensities on the growth and protein content of S. Bajo condiciones de crecimiebto Twist et al. A similar trend was reported by Bartual et al. Physiology of alginate immobilized Chlorella.

Similar results were reported by Tam et al. Phycological Society of America. The ecology of phytoplankton. Microalgae growth-promoting bacteria as ”helpers” for microalgae: Each species is usually characterized by a maximum growth rate under ideal conditions of growth Bartual et al.

Características fotosintéticas y crecimiento de Scenedesmus obliquus inmovilizada en alginato

Effects of Dursban 4E and its carrier on three microalgal species during exponential and P-limited growth. Conclusions The photosynthetic parameters obtained for immobilized S.

Results and Discussion Activity of immobilized algae The photosynthetic rates reached for high and low stocking density of immobilized S. Nitrogen budget in Scenedesmus obliqqus cultures with artificial wastewater. However, in immobilized cells this can represent a disadvantage, as the high cell density would crecimiwnto light limitation within beads followed by lower growth and nutrients removal capacity.