April 12, 2019


Banis contained in Bachitra Natak (Dasam Granth)which are actually written by .. There’s no debate about the authenticity of the bani of Guru Gobind Singh ji. The Dasam Granth is a religious text containing many of the texts which is traditionally attributed to Guru Gobind Singh. It is primarily in Braj Bhasha with Awadhi. In reality, Guru Granth Sahib ji is the bani for the whole world, but Dasam Granth is the Granth of Khalsa Panth. It contains the bani basic to the Sikh principles.”.

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He shows categorically that the British did not create the Sri Dasam Granth.

Tale of Sajul Devi Of course this is my guess. You are commenting as a guest.


Tale of Taas Beg Tale of Chitarkala Tale of Bad Diachhmati Retrieved 2 June Tale of Rani Ishaq Mati Tale bsni Zainabadi Tale of Parmud Sen Tale of Rani Taanbar Kala Tale of Maal Mati Tale of Surta Devi Tale of Gulzaar Mati daszm If you have an account, please sign in. Tale of Kaamwati Tale of Dakhshan Devi Tale of Bhistkala Tale of Rani Khairy and Samin Tale of Abharn Devi Tale of Makrachh Mati Tale of Sughna Wati Tale of Maan Kunwar Tale of Bastar Mati Tale of Roshan Raae Tale of Chandra Prabha Tale of Sumat Kumari Tale of Four Thieves He written a huge writing called Durga Parbodh in which he tried to clear every aspect of Durga in a the abni of dialogue between Durga Bhagat and Tat Khalsa.

Tale of Paschim Devi Tale of Punjab Devi Tale of Bharthari He mentioned about all birs of Dasam Granth. Next come three abridged compositions of the wars of Durgacalled Chandiwith demons Chandi Chritras: What is the difference between cutting nail to cutting hair?


Reply to this topic One can go through above references and images attached to it. Tale of Sunder Devi The following are historical books after the demise of Guru Gobind Singh which mention that the compositions in the present Dasam Granth was written by Guru Gobind Singh:. Tale of A Co-Wife Tale of Beer Mati Sandh and Apsandh Tale of Runrang Kumari