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Promise of the Wolves: Wolf Chronicles Book One [Dorothy Hearst] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Fantasy of wolves. A young wolf. Brilliantly weaving together original research, lovable characters and a dynamic, thoroughly engaging plot, The Wolf Chronicles is an adventure story in the. Summary: An absorbing and fascinating creation myth novel along the lines of Watership Down, but set among wolves and early humans.

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With the help of a mysterious wolf, a raven, and two of her wolf friends, Kaala learns more about her destiny and the humans. Hearst’s writing is both tense and absorbing and happily the major plot lines are all resolved by the end of the book, together with hints of more to come. This is a story of emotions, and social connections, and wolevs.

Promise of the Wolves

Sign up and get a free eBook! What does this idea entail? What became of Borrla?

Primise, there is more development in some characters, like Kaala or Azzuen, than others, but as a reader, you still get a good sense of each character. I liked this one, but compared to some others I have read, it lags behind This is the story of a young wolf called Kaala finding her place in a world in which alpha male does not really want her in his pack.

I have special kind of fondness for animal perspective stories.

We’re asked to believe that Kaala is simply good enough without any previous characterization to go out of her way for another who doesn’t even want to survive when her own survival is hinged on the fact that she desired life. Soon, war between humans and wolves threatens, and Kaala must choose between safety for herself, her friends, and their human companions and the survival of her pack—and perhaps all of wolf- and humankind.


Kaala feels a pull towards the humans who live nearby, who are forbidden dotothy her. Personal tools Log in. His rabbits never saw themselves as cute, furry creatures—they had their own lives and concerns and dreams, and I was in awe of how Adams told a complex, multi-layered story from their point of view.

The early portion of the book spends sufficient time on this and helps you establish an emotional bond with the main character. Back in their world, humans and wolves wer This book was really good. When I got it in the mail to review, I kind of went “oh god, not some damn book about talking animals,” but it was really pretty interesting. This contradictory attraction is beautifully described, as is pack life with its hierarchies, dangers, and exhilarating hunts.

Reading Group Guide – Dorothy Hearst

Too much detail for my taste. Wolf pups don’t receive their names until they emerge from their den and are inspected by the leader of the pack. But her world is turned upside down when she rescues a human girl from drowning. Promise of the Wolves is a lovely book. I found myself comparing this book to Jean M. And change them she does, by interacting with a human that she finds herself drawn to even though it is forbidden to associate with each other.

Promise of the Wolves (Wolf Chronicles, book 1) by Dorothy Hearst

While I promose mind the story, I am wavering on whether or not I will pick up books two and three next time I visit the library. She has enemies in Ruuquo and in fellow pup Unnan but she finds allies in many other members of the pack, in her raven pdomise Tlitoo, and in the mysterious spirit wolf who comes to her at moments of crisis.

Want to Read saving…. Any concerns I had about a story about wolves holding my interest disappeared immediately.

Promise of the Wolves is narrated in the first person by a young she-wolf, Kaala. To make matters worse, Kaala has a crescent moon of white fur on her chest. That glimpse into that life was my headst part of the novel. But Hearst’s characterisation and the story being fro There is a quote from Jean Auel on the back cover reading, “If you liked Watership Down tje, you must read Promise of the Wolves.


That led me to a number of very generous researchers who were incredibly willing to share te me their knowledge about wolves and about dogs.

Kaala must choose between safety for herself, her friends, and their human companions and the survival of fo pack—and perhaps all of wolf and humankind. Sep 20, Dale White rated it liked it. I plan on giving this book three stars, but the writing itself would have a five star rating! View all 3 comments. I can’t believe I’m about to use this comparison, but in much the same way that Harry Potter is introduced to the world dorotby magic, we are introduced to the wolf pack via Kaala, who starts the story as a pup and slowly learns more and more as she grows older.

She faces many life-and-death struggles in the first chapters, but for someone who faced those struggles and dealt with those emotions firsthand, the voice of the narration is a little stale. At the heart of the story is the current scientific theory of co-evolution of man and wolf. Hsarst is a young female whose relationship with her pack is strained by the portentous crescent moon mark on her chest and her affinity for humans.