September 8, 2019


Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) has 34 ratings and 1 review: Published April 1st by Kiseido Publishing Co, pages, Paperback. I had been wanting some more problem/tsumego books and recently picked up Get Strong at Tesuji and Life and Death problems at my. : Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series) (Beginner and Elementary Go Books) () by Richard Bozulich and a great.

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By studying tesuji in this way, you will sharpen your intuitive skills to the point that you will be able to find the right tesuji in your games at a glance. Although I had read many reviews of both books, I have to admit I was a bit surprised at some of the problems from the Get Strong at Tesuji book.

Problem3 stars. You might want to see if you can do better than the amateur and perhaps even match the professional’s result after you have studied the contents of this book.

Though there is no introductory section on the techniques that are used in the book, something that I want to remind readers out there is that the concept of tesuji is to find a move that works in your favor no matter how your opponent responds. It would be an exaggeration to say that most games are decided in the endgame, but for sure a great many upsets are pulled off at this stage.


Get Strong at Tesuji at Sensei’s Library

Problems have a difficulty rating to inform the players how hard the problem is. Problem2 stars.

No trivia or quizzes yet. Get Strong at Go Series By: Such activity can be likened to mental weight training. This is one of the few books in English af have a focus on timing at this skill level. A number of the solutions include the proper necessary response and a preceding valuable forcing move. Get Strong at Go 10 books. Jimmy Koh rated it really liked it Dec 03, The first time solving only the easiest problems one-star rating. As far as I know, the idea of drilling these problems is to srong shapes in certain local situations which you can turn to your advantage.

There is a nice repetition of techniques that tesuki dispersed throughout the book to allow for excellent reinforcement of the technique. In fact, life and death is regarded as so important that apprentices studying to become go professionals are required to spend many hours each day solving life-and-death problems tesyji order to improve their analytical abilities.

I really don’t know though So, I was actually getting quite a few of the initial problems wrong, even some of the one-star problems. This book contains problems from 9-stone to 2-stone handicaps.


Though some techniques can be neatly categorized and labelled, it would be impossible to collectively explain every technique that might ever arise in your game.

Gotta read this one! The answers for those 6 problems are on the following page the left-hand pages, the even page numbers. I got it, and can do most 2 star questions, and the book says that 2 stars is in the k level. Sam Beckett rated it it was amazing May 01, Jump Level Up 2.

Get Strong at Tesuji (Get Strong at Go Series)

I am 20k in KGS, and am not so sure the book is correct. This is the book gett will bring your tactical ability up to that of an expert player. Josh rated it really liked it May 21, Aaron rated it really liked it Sep 17, How do you win a lost game? Tesuuji Strong at Attacking covers an often neglected phase of go: In many of the standard patterns presented, small changes are made in the configuration of nearby stones and the effect on the status of the group under siege is illustrated in a series of problems.

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