March 23, 2019


HT-STHX CHANNEL NETWORK A/V RECEIVER/SPEAKER PACKAGE . Subwoofer cable • Speaker set-up microphone • Instruction manual. The Onkyo HT-STHX is a cut above, offering a highly competent HTiB that is far . I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated values . Performance Onkyo Onkyo HT-STHX Home Theater in a Box Page 2.

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I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to Moreover, since this is a THX-certified system, you can be assured that the AVR and speakers mmanual properly matched for optimum performance. Sound output stopped and some of the menus like LAN, firmware upgrade, and Remote Controller were disabled greyed out.

Onkyo HT-S9400THX Instruction Manual: Explanatory Notes

The Countdown Will Be Televised. It’s also possible to manually tweak these parameters from their calculated manusl. Dreaming the Not-Impossible Dream. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Page – Speaker Setup Configuration des enceint While I felt they were the weakest link of the system, I don’t imagine that will be a deal breaker for the budget conscious. I’m especially happy to report that the speaker connectors are binding posts, not spring-loaded clips except the second-zone speaker outs.

Still, I have to divulge exactly what I personally experienced. Several popular subscription-based audio-streaming services, such as Sirius XM, last. The inputs are labeled to correspond with the labels on the rear-panel inputs, though you can change the input assignments in the setup menu. After only owning this for 2. This is a further sound enhancement to 5. The real problem with this system is not the speakers, but the incorrect calculations for Audyssey’s 2EQ auto calibration.


Happily, ht-s9400ghx onscreen display OSD is easy to navigate with the remote. However, all h-ts9400thx need to be on the same network, so I was not able to test hg-s9400thx.

And if we were evaluating it just as an HTiB, again, I think it would rise to the top. The AVR’s networking capabilities can stream audio content ht-w9400thx a wide variety of online providers and access audio files on a locally networked computer or server; it cannot stream video content.

Onkyo didn’t send me a WiFi adaptor, so I couldn’t test this particular function. One night it worked great and then the next morning it didn’t. I had to manually adjust the subwoofer down to HTiBs are not well known for performing well at high volumes, as they usually don’t have enough power to sustain such volumes without exhibiting various deficiencies. What Your Kids Need for Christmas. However, while online streaming is available by plugging majual an Ethernet cable or using the optional UWF-1 WiFi adaptor, access to files on your computer mmanual server can only be achieved via WiFi.


This provides a center back surround channel from 5. The speakers are relatively large for an HTiB—I suspect they are bulked up to impress. You are instructed to place the supplied mic at up to three different locations in your room, then the software calculates speaker distances, levels, majual room equalization, providing optimum sound for all three positions.

Sennheiser HD Headphones Review. Low bass was not very tight or precise.

Explanatory Notes – Onkyo HT-STHX Instruction Manual [Page 34]

Sound from the subwoofer was more of rumble than a distinct tone. Music From Big Pink. This feature seemed out of place to me here, but it does future-proof the AVR. One night it worked great and then the next morning it didn’t.

On a more positive note, the surround soundfield was convincing and accurate.

The front panel is graced with a large and highly readable LCD display. Leave this field blank. In the middle are the navigation keys, and next ,anual those is the volume rocker. If you google ‘HT-R no sound’ there are other users complaining of the exact same symptoms just after their receiver goes out of service, or coming to that date.

Imagine – The Ultimate Edition.