March 1, 2019


The JBL PRX is a self-powered, lightweight 2-way loudspeaker system capable of delivering a very high level of performance. The PRX audio speaker is. The JBL PRX is a self-powered, lightweight two-way loudspeaker system capable of delivering a very high level of performance. The PRX is comprised . JBL’s PRX Dual 15″ 2-Way Self Powered Speaker/Monitor is an integral part of the PRX series. This speaker/monitor was designed specifically for.

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Our members also liked: I can play all styles of music through them at even a whisper and there is no hint of a noise gate problem The powerlight went out, and the did not restart after powering down. The bass knocks the pictures off the wall lol seriously.

I pulled ptx525 amp out about a year ago and it’s cased in aluminum so you can’t diagnose anything.

Lately during the filling cycle water hammer is occurring. Do you lads think jvl a pair of qsc hpri speakers would be sufficient to put on top of my 4 jbl srx subs? The fusion of world leading JBL speaker technology matched with precision Crown power amplification makes the PRX Series simply the most versatile portable powered system in its class. There is a px525 connector at the power board end – this gives trouble.

I have to say the sound quality on it is fantastic. This speaker makes the people feel the music and that only can move a crowd.

Also check a ground loop on the cables. If it’s easy mark what goes where and unplug these cables. The hiss is caused by the autooscillation of the prx5525 amplifier.


Forums New posts Search forums. Most inch subs are crossed over at around 80Hz to get some thump and air movement. I have been eyeing the PRX’s.

Breakfast UP after 3 months of use: Kyle Yuditsky on October 26, Done dozens of them as warranty prx255. Oct 26, 1, 65 Worcester, MA www. I made a ball with 2 speakers in a tent with people: I think if it goes beyond this you have exceeded Max Headroom.

I’ve read a ptx525 about the mrx being very loud and the horns screaming so maybe i’d be better off buying a pdx525 of the mrx and powering them with a crown xti or ev p By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. Its obvious by putting twice the rated power through a speaker that you wont gain a very big boost in spl, but what you will do is heat up the speaker’s voice coils more and risk driver failure. Doing things this way, I can make sure each pair of my subs dont get any less or any more than 80 volts, hence making the sound stay clean and prolonging the life of my subs.

Logged Mike Diack Sr. Then I normalized it to -3db still in soundforge and compared the 2. We got on well… and we also got on well with the JBL boxes. Steve Allison Jbk 3 Expert Answers. Knowing what you know now, would you jb the same choice? Published On July 9, Reviews.

Whats you’re opinions on the JBL PRX? | Our DJ Talk

I just today been thinking about active top speakers because I could use them for dj monitors when at home and also dj monitors for college when I start in september because i’m doing a music course which involves me dj’ing on campus and performing in their hall with their own equipment.


Thank you for your time and knowledge! In this country and others, JBL was for many prx25 the powerhouse brand.

In case of a problem or clarification, don’t hesitate to post me a reply before rejecting my answer. If you aren’t playing proms, aren’t playing from a raised stage or if you don’t need to fill large rooms you may be better off with single woofer speakers on poles getting them as high as you can to jb, the music reach a deeper audience. Dec 3, 1, 5 40 44 Kansas City. The same speaker has gone again – last gig it wouldn’t switch on, I left the switch in the on position and during soundcheck it switched on and there was pr5x25 a very loud hi pitched scream then no power so I suspect that the hi frequency driver has gone?

Logged If the band sounds great, it’s because the band IS great, if the band sound like crap, it’s the soundman’s fault. The basic design of a 12″ mid-bass speaker should provide a smoother midrange response than a 15″ prxx525 attempting to reproduce midrange frequencies.

JBL PRX525 Powered PA Speaker

Durable polypropylene end-caps add extra protection for the cabinet. So was I right about the levels then? More Print this page Share this page.