March 21, 2019


Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam Charmingly persuasive and daringly provocative, Intimacies is a rare. Download Citation on ResearchGate | Intimacies / Leo Bersani & Adam Phillips | Review: “Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam. In Intimacies and in this interview, Leo Bersani asks “does knowledge of the Other create a foundation for intimacy?” Troubling certain.

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Currently, we especially need thoughtful reviewers for books in fiction, self-help and popular psychology. Further, this idea has its usefulness for understanding the psychoanalytic encounter, explicitly and implicitly referred to throughout the text of this book, yet not elaborated upon by the authors.

Zanele Muholi is not a Third World Lesbian. What is Queer Theory? A discussion of the radical practice of barebacking – unprotected anal sex between gay men – delineates an intimacy that rejects the personal.

Toula Chams rated it it was ok Nov 12, Though they both want to convey to the reader that this is an attempt nersani trying out of a new perspective on ‘ways begsani being’ with another, Bersani and Phillips fall short of bringing any coherence to the ideas that they provocatively and at points intriguingly, bring to their effort.

The critical representation of gender and queerness in “Boys D Queer Theory, an introduction, p. This revolutionary way of relating to the world, they contend, could lead to a new human freedom by mitigating the horrifying violence we blithely accept as part of human nature. Queer eye for the straight guy: Free Publication of your intimacied paper, essay, interpretation, bachelor’s berssani, master’s thesis, dissertation or textbook – upload now!

The use of Intellectual Property by Small and Bsrsani enterprises. Promoting the role of intellectual property rights regimes in natio This idea, however, has been elucidated by Donald Winnicott many years ago, and followed up on in many psychoanalytic interpretive writings on the research that has been done on infant development.


Since the confrontation with difference is what most often prompts violence, and since some schools of psychoanalytic thought place a premium on the ability to recognize the other, he suggests we embrace of a bit more narcissism of an “impersonal” variety.

Intellectual Capital and Rel Skip to content In Intimacies, Intimaccies Bersani and Adam Phillips argue for our complicity against what perhaps most people think of as gratifying forms of affection.

Intimacies by Leo Bersani

Katarina rated it it was ok Jan 14, The arc of the conversation is often difficult to follow, and oblique references are often made which then lead the conversation in a seemingly random direction. This slim book, billed as it is as a ‘project,’ may be considered a collection of some thoughts, albeit provocative in their style, and the other’s reaction to those berssni.

I read this on the floor of St. Account Options Sign in. Patricia rated it really liked it Sep 05, The problematization of sexual and gender categories, and of identities in general.

The self is a practical convenience; promoted to the status of an ethical ideal, it is a sanction for violence.

on Intimacies, by Leo Bersani & Adam Phillips (University of Chicago Press) – On the Seawall

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Queer theory is a series of ideas based on the thought that identities are not predetermined and do not control who we are. This review was very smart, and dead-on.

Andy rated it it was amazing Feb 01, Formerly the principal child psychotherapist at Charing Cross Hospital in London, he lives in England. Who is an Intellectual and what should the Role of Intellectuals be We update our front page weekly and add more than twenty new reviews each month.


A Discussion of Leo Bersani’s “Intimacies” and his Views on Queer Intellectuals

None of these excursions allow any further understanding of their attempt at formulating a new ‘story’ or ‘project’ about human relations. The Power of Eviland the Power of Love. InRilke wrote in a letter to a young man, ” In Intimacies, Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips argue for our complicity against what perhaps most people think of as gratifying forms of affection.

Their conversation takes as its point of departure psychoanalysis and its central importance to ontimacies modern imagination—though equally important is their shared sense that by misleading us about the importance of self-knowledge and the danger of narcissism, psychoanalysis has failed to realize its most exciting and innovative relational potential.

Bragi Thorfinnsson rated it really liked it Aug 27, My library Help Advanced Book Search. Communications – Broadcast and entertainment. Two gifted and highly prolific intellectuals, Leo Bersani and Adam Phillips, here present a fascinating dialogue about the problems and possibilities of human intimacy.

The striking use of queer theory will provoke a response from most readers, but the main ideas in Intimacies have long been familiar. Rather, it is suggested, and attempts are made to explain, that an impersonal intimacy is the goal, and that this would help alleviate the inherent rage and destructiveness in relationships.