April 20, 2019


Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within is a best-selling the writer Theodore Dalrymple wrote “the British journalist Melanie Phillips. Londonistan has ratings and 62 reviews. Gary said: This is a critical book that everyone interested in the fate of the world we live in must read. In. “Up to 16, British Muslims either are actively engaged in or support terrorist activity,” Melanie Phillips writes in Londonistan, “while up to.

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Writing for The Daily Telegraphthe historian and writer Michael Burleigh decided that the book could not be more “timely” and praised her “sensible suggestions”. After embracing literally the notorious bigot Sheikh Qaradawi, Livingstone dismissed an unprecedented coalition of British Hindus, Sikhs, Jews, gays, and lesbians who objected, claiming their protest was a Mossad conspiracy to defame Islam.

Despite what some reviewers would have you believe, nothing in “Londonistan” is racist The This book is a disquieting snapshot of contemporary Britain, and a wakeup call to anyone still deaf to the danger of growing Islamist influence, not to mention Western capitulation to that influence. Under the noses of British intelligence, a network phillps terrorists and their sympathizers had used Britain to plot, finance, recruit and train for atrocities in the United States and around the world.

Nov 19, Max rated it it was amazing.

Londonistan: How Britain is Creating a Terror State Within – Wikipedia

Phillips does a fine job phillils documenting the relationship between Islamic rad This was an especially troubling book for me, as I was born in England and went back to live there for a year when I was in my teens.

If you are interested in the globalization of Islam, I would much more recommend “While Europe Slept”.

Islamic Jihad can’t thrive here the way it has in Londonistan! Even those who are motivated to integrate in the UK society by themselves londoniatan feel like it,due to this politically correct BS by leftists!

I’m giving it 3 stars because it is well written and well argued. Many of Britain’s intellectual elites believe there is no contradiction between sympathizing with or supporting suicide bombing in Israel and opposing it in Britain.


And uh,Am Israel Chai: Another decay which has caused this society dearly is how political correctness and moral relativism have benefited radical Islam! Well Melanie Phillips is the opposit.

Oct 04, Jennifer Jacobs rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jul 03, Tony rated it did not like it Shelves: Phillips is a powerful writer and her book makes compelling reading. Not for Melanie Phillips a long, dark night of the soul, pondering whether any of her foes might be lindonistan per cent right. A secular society can’t fight a religious war; the secular has no values to stand for, nothing worth defending as long as the aggressors have been victimizedwhile Islam is mad as a rabid dog.

I could also give the author some leeway in her unwavering support of Israel due to her own Jewish background, but her flimsy claim that the essentially western values of equality and freedom, which includes the freedom to not be religious and phillips marry someone of the same sex if you so choose, is both unsupported and likely unsupportable.


Skin in the Game. Now, as someone who has a londonistzn of experience writing social research, not declaring a vested interest is tantamount to rendering your entire paper invalid.

When London was hit by suicide bombers in Julythe dirty little secret was finally out. Rather, her argument is long, detailed and, for the most part, well-researched. The British political class are there: The scale of this activity was so large that exasperated European security agencies dubbed Britain’s capital city Londonistan.

The Strange Death of Europe. If a whole civilization has nothing to stand for, and everything has the same value in this crazy multicultural society of ours, if we have no definitive values, no faith in God, no respect for our history, what is there left for us to defend? I hope people wake up,there’s no sense of Islamophobia and many times people are hurt londoniatan it when it’s uncalled for but in the UK’s case,they have let this disease of poisonous ideologies in,and there’s no cure,not in the near future anyway!

This is a prime example of a thoroughly corrupt government! Melanie Phillips in Londonistan describes the depressing situation of the United Kingdom. A small point, perhaps, but a telling one. Lists with Melnaie Book. Any Indian or Hindu?


Enemy within

The review must be at least 50 characters long. Thats the magic word isnt it? While declaring that londonisstan speech must be limited to avoid giving offense or insult to minorities, namely Muslims, the British elite seemed to believe it should be unlimited when it came to Muslims inciting violence. Due to the fact that establishment of today is run by the post-modern Left that has given up the idea of economic or class equality and has instead focused on melanje multi-culturalism, political correctness and ‘anti-racism’, the last of which is basically a code for anti-White racism.

Among her earlier books is All Must Have Prizes, a devastating critique of Britain’s education pillips. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. That Prime Minister Tony Blair has shown great resolve and determination obscures the true picture, she says. The supine londonustan to the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, author of The Satanic Verses, is seen as opening the Pandora’s box when it should have been slammed shut. Stop the Islamization of America. In fact, they might well affirm how yo This is not a relaxing read.

The Joy of Jelanie. This is not to say, as the author repeatedly mentions, that all Muslims are fascists. Oct 08, Tony rated it really liked it. Going back to Bible studies is not the way to go. No real new revelations. Both see Britain as “a debauched and disorderly culture of instant gratification, with disintegrating families, feral children and violence, squalor and vulgarity on the streets”.

The Muslim Council of Britain boycotted the ceremony commemorating the liberation of Auschwitz, because it did not refer to the situation regarding Israel and the Palestinians. Tremendous lessons here for America’s future.

Gross is a former Jerusalem correspondent of the Sunday Telegraph.